Welcome to VKA

Verdonck, Klooster & Associates (VKA) is a strategic IT consulting firm that combines its knowledge of technology with its experience with organisations. We are convinced that the Netherlands can be strengthened by good use of information and communication technology. Services to both citizens and businesses alike can be so much easier, faster and altogether better. It can be so much more durable. There are enormous opportunities to be had based on innovative new concepts. It can be fun. And more successful.

Large, complex IT projects succeed if the strategic impact is recognised. IT is no longer solely a technical issue pertaining to the IT department. Indeed, nearly all organisations have become so dependent on information systems that IT constitutes one of a company’s top strategic issues. As a result, IT has become a multidisciplinary field where technology and business processes and its organisation come together.

Managing IT is not a simple task and provides many challenges. However, it can also provide many opportunities for product and service innovation and improvement of business processes. We can support you in these areas both through relieving your organisation of its current IT tasks and through challenging and improving your current IT processes.

All VKA consultants have something in common: we all share the same drive to deliver successful IT projects. We want our IT projects to succeed, only then are we satisfied both for you and for ourselves.

What defines us is our energetic involvement and our desire to work together. As consultants, we feel comfortable in a background role in which we can support you with our knowledge and experience. Our independence guarantees that we focus on your interests only. During the implementation and realisation phase, our project and program managers perform their tasks with power and vision.

These 2 combined factors, namely our motivation and our expertise, ensure that we are a leading consultancy for strategic IT projects. It’s not a choice, it’s who we have been for the past 30 years. An opinion or idea from VKA is unquestionably good, based on sound knowledge and delivered by skilled professionals.

We prefer working with fixed prices. Billing by amount of time spent doesn’t tick our box. If desired, and appropriate to the nature of the assignment, we can guarantee the end result of the project.

VKA has extensive knowledge of current IT topics. Our key areas of expertise are:

  • IT Strategy & Architecture
  • Sourcing & Demand – Supply organisations
  • Cyber security & Business continuity
  • Programme management & Communications
  • IT optimalization & Proces innovation

The Highberg Group

VKA is proud to be a Highberg company. Highberg brings together multi-disciplinary boutique firms with best-in-class experience in organizational, digital and sustainability transformation. Delivering the expertise and knowledge to help organization successfully transform and stay relevant in an age of change. From strategy to implementation, through consulting, training and coaching services.

The Highberg Group – “building the leading transformation consulting group in Europe” 

We are available for assignments outside the Netherlands and speak English and German fluently. We would love to hear from you and discuss the latest developments in the innovativing field of IT with you.
Feel free to contact us at:

Verdonck, Klooster & Associates

Marc Gill’ard, managing director


or email us at info@vka.nl.